The Department of Food Science was founded in August, 1980. The Department offers B.S. and M.S. degree program. The objectives of the Department are:

1.      To train students with professional capability for positions in the food industries, government, research institutes, and furthur studies.

2.      To serve the food industry in Taiwan to develope new food products and to improve the processing techniques and food safty.

Presently, about 495 undergraduate students and 68 graduate students enrolled in the Department. A minimum of 128 credits is required to earn a B. S. degree, and 30 credits for an M. S. degree. The faculty of the Department consists of four professors, six associate professors, two Assistant Professors, five teaching assistants and one administrative assistant.

The research fields of the teaching faculity include food process technology, food biotechnology, natural antioxidant compounds in the plants and seeds, food sanitation and food industrial managerment.

Previous Heads




1980.8 ~ 1993.7

王慶富  教授


1993.8 ~ 1996.7

郭俊欽  教授


1996.8 ~ 1999.7

蔡正宗  教授


1999.8 ~ 2002.7

溫銘嚞  教授


2002.8 ~ 2005.7

閻立平  教授


2005.8 ~ 2008.7

蘇正德  教授


2008.8 ~ 2011.7

李根永  教授


2011.8 ~ 迄今

江文德  教授


 Introduction to Department Logo


Designer: Lin Xin-Rong

食品科學是研究如何將廉價的食物資源經加工、包裝等一連串的過程產生一高價值、高品質的食品,以滿足人們食的慾望及促進國民健康。Food Science is the study of how to produce a high-value, high-quality food out of cheap food resources through a series of procedure of processing, packaging, etc., in order to meet the desire for food by people and to promote national health. The idea of this Department logo design is as follows:設計人:林欣榮

Right gear stands for industry, including processing, packaging and all the mechanized production process. As to the intermediate pattern, ear of wheat stands for agricultural resources, and the vision of the left arc plus the right circle is a beaker, standing for the chemistry, which means the basic sciences. It represents that food science is based on chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, and other theory science, and then through engineering, processing, packaging expertise, manufactures low-cost food resources into exquisite and high-value foods.


Moreover, the department logo still has two important meanings:

( )(I) Gear has a total of 25 teeth, showing the department was founded in the year of the 25th founding anniversary of the Tunghai University (in 1980)

( )(II) Left arc stands for rotational mark of big era wheel, containing that Department of Food Science continues to move forward with the rotation of the wheel of the times, to achieve goal to upgrade the people’s quality of life, and maintain health.


設計人之設計為黑白雙色之圖案並不包含任何文字,文字及顏色的差異為後來做的更動NOTE: the design of the designer is the black and white color pattern and does not contain any text. The text and color difference is change subsequently made.


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